Why You Need CONSOLL

Productive Sales, Marketing, & Training Tools Tailored to Your Needs

We are here to be your partner and collaborate to grow your business

You will be joining a group like no other in the industry! It is your time to take action. We can work together, our collective buying power can secure “equal to or best” discounting. Through our partnership, we will be able to create a tailored program which will enhance your offering in your market, and directly impact your sales.

print + digital catalog

Our 132-page product catalog is not just a look book, it’s designed to close business today and go after national accounts for future growth. Along with a digital version of this catalog, we also can provide mini catalogs for different vertical markets.

Email Marketing​

Our weekly email campaigns focus on product education for your sales and design teams, making sure your dealership is always up to speed on the newest developments from our manufacturer partners. We also have the ability to customize email templates with your branding and messaging to share with your customers.


We take a holistic dealer approach that not only increases sales techniques, but shares best practices with installation, design, project management, operational expertise, and professional growth. CONSOLL partners with industry and manufacturer experts to enhance dealer members’ longevity and profitability.

Why Choose CONSOLL

Increase Profitability

Cost savings through deeper discounts, quarterly rebates, incentive rebates, leads, national annuity account development, customized marketing, and dealer development services provide you the opportunity to return investment many times over.

Lead Generation


We are subscribed to several lead sources to drive new business to your dealership. We send you qualified leads on a consistent basis and save you the expense.

National Accounts


CONSOLL works with each dealer to develop a scalable national accounts program with different regional and national businesses. Through our complimentary research and development, we look for associations and companies in your market and provide you with the tools to develop your own annuity account.

Together We Can Develop a Strategy to Grow Your Business

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