Dealer Focus

Sales executives, project managers, and designers are kept up-to-date through our touching program of educational and informative pieces, emphasizing areas where our manufacturer partners offer advantages. These fields include, but are not limited to, competitive pricing, gross margin enhancement, and programs that will educate sales executives on maximizing personal compensation.

Architecture & Design

CONSOLL is increasing mid-market manufacturing awareness, through our network of dealer partners, with top-tier architecture and design firms. The goal is to influence specifications, creating manufacturers’ mid-market standards programs, and educate the A&D community on competitive pricing advantages. Manufacturer partners are highly encouraged to become CEU certified presenters.

Vertical Markets

CONSOLL partners have a history of success in multiple vertical markets such as healthcare, education, finance, and government sales. We assist our dealer members, in conjunction with manufacturer representatives, to develop local strategies for these vertical markets. Additionally, our vertical market strategy is intertwined with our digital marketing strategy.


Our digital marketing strategies involve extensive email marketing campaigns, social media, an electronic catalog, and utilization of My Resource Library (MRL). We are currently developing an e-commerce site and a dealer portal. Our traditional marketing includes printed versions of our catalog for CONSOLL dealers.